15 Things #7 released: Video!

15 Things for IPL’s 15th birthday is back, with Thing #7: Video!

Internet Public Library at ASIST ’09

The Internet Public Library was featured in a variety of contexts at ASIST 2009, including both posters and session presentations.

Dr. Jeffrey Pomerantz, Chirag Shah and Sanghee Oh of UNC-Chapel Hill, presented on research which compared question-answering at the Internet Public Library and at Yahoo!Answers. http://bit.ly/1hsZbe  Among their findings:

* IPL has a longer ‘shelf life’ for URLs used in answers than Yahoo!Answers.
* Comparing the top 5 URLs used in answers, the top 5 urls for Internet Public Library were: 1.IPL 2.Google 3.Yahoo! 4.loc.gov 5.ALA.org  as compared to Yahoo!Answers top 5 urls:  1.wikipedia 2.Yahoo!Answers 3.blogspot 4.Amazon 5.Google
* IPL gave more URLs per answer than Yahoo!Answers.  IPL gave 4.53 URLs per answer as compared to 2.44 URLs per answer for Yahoo!Answers

Two posters by Drexel researchers at ASIST also described research at the Internet Public Library:

Crossing Borders: The Internet Public Library as a Global Information Service, Lily Rozaklis, Craig M. MacDonald and Eileen G. Abels, College of Information Science & Technology, Drexel University

The User Centered Design of a Non-Specialist Metadata Tool and Interface for the Internet Public Library, Michael Khoo, Jung-ran Park and Xia Lin, Drexel University

Congratulations to all of the ASIST ’09 researchers!

15 Things #6: Podcasting!


15 Things for IPL’s 15th birthday is back, with Thing #6: podcasting!