Submitting resources to the ipl2

Many people/organizations/companies have been asking about or submitting site suggestions to the ipl2.  We appreciate your time and suggestions.  We do have a Collection Policy that we follow closely.  To submit a site, please use our Contact form.

Materials to be added to the collections of the ipl2 are selected on the merits of a particular site in relation to the needs of the user community.

The user community for the ipl2 includes people of all ages, nationalities, occupations, and levels of education. The patrons’ needs are the guiding factors when selecting materials.

Children’s sites are usually included only in For Kids. Sites for teens are usually included only in For Teens.

English is the primary language of the ipl2. Its primacy does not preclude the selection of materials in foreign languages, especially in the foreign reference sources, newspaper, and magazine collections, but it is a guiding principle when selecting sites for inclusion in the general collections, For Kids, and For Teens.

The ipl2 does not include:

  • Sites or material that violate U.S. copyright law
  • Articles from journals or magazines, unless they are an excellent resource for providing background on a topic or explanations of a concept.
  • Sites that are strictly commercial and have no informational content
  • Sites with extremist views
  • Erotica
  • Degree or course programs, university gateway pages, or homepages. Web pages from colleges or universities on specific subjects are welcome.
  • For-pay or subscription sites. The exceptions are:
    • The subscription is free
    • The site provides some free information to which the ipl2 has applied its criteria

The ipl2 collection policy has changed over time and may change again. Therefore, resources already in the ipl2 may no longer fit the collection policy and will be weeded out as time and staffing permit.


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