IPL 15 Things #15: Images/Photos is now available!

It’s our 15th birthday today! To celebrate, check out IPL 15 Things #15: Images/Photos – learn more about photo sharing and how to take advantage of Flickr, one of the most popular and powerful photo sharing sites on the web: http://ipl.ci.fsu.edu/community/wiki/index.php/Images/Photos

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Day Two – ipl2 Institute on the Future of Reference: Live Blog

Live blogging the ipl2 Institute, March 16, 2010 (12:30 – 2p EST).

Follow our coverage of today’s event by clicking the link below:

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Lorri Mon – Digital Media and ipl2

Steven Bell – Preparing Today’s Student for Tomorrow’s Reference

Dave Lankes – What Does the Future Hold?

ipl2 Institute on the Future of Reference: Live Blog

Live blogging the ipl2 Institute, March 15, 2010 (4:30 – 5:45p EST).

Follow our coverage of today’s event by clicking the link below:

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Mick Khoo – ipl2 Merger Surprises

Joyce Valenza – Web 2.0 Reference on the Ground K-12

Joe Janes – IPL’s Birthday (Past, Present, Future)

ipl2 lingo

Librarians are famous for acronyms and the librarians at the ipl2 certainly have these mastered.  Here is some lingo that volunteers, students and librarians use when working with the ipl2:

  • Ready Reference TBA or Research TBA (To Be Answered):  These categories contain incoming questions that need to be answered.  This category is generally reserved for the beginning student volunteers.
  • Rescue Reference TBA (To Be Answered):  This category contains questions for advanced students including the following:
  • RJDP or Reject Due to Date Passed:  Questions that are tagged “rjdp” have been submitted by the patron with a “need by” date that is within 24-hours.  These questions are no longer rejected – we provide an answer by or close to the need by date.
  • Sludge:  Sludge questions are questions that have not been claimed and answered in a timely manner.  This often means that the questions are difficult!
  • Quota: Maximum number of unclaimed questions that can be available in both the TBA categories at any given time.The current quota is posted in the Incoming category.
  • ManyQ:  Patron has submitted multiple questions at once.
  • SubSpec: These questions are likely to require specialized knowledge to answer.
  • Ask Info: The process and message involved in asking patrons for more information about their question. Also a status you set a question to when you have asked for more information.
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Reference Question pages on the IPL site that answer specific questions.
  • Incoming category: The category in QRC where all messages submitted via the question forms arrive. This is where you will spend most of your time in QRC.
  • Mucking: Daily activities of processing questions and monitoring QRC.
  • “Need by” date: Date the patron requested on the question form
  • PF: Pathfinder pages on the IPL site that are guides to researching topics
  • Status: Indicates the state of a question. Shown near the left side of the main category page in QRC, all in capital letters. Examples include ACCEPTED, ANSWERED, REJECTED, BOUNCE, etc.
  • Subject/title: The descriptive line that appears in QRC, what the volunteers see. An example: HUM: etymology of the word “satellite” (no need by)
  • Subject code: Letter code that indicates the topic of the question.

    The ipl2 institute: March 15 and March 16

    Join the ipl2 (Internet Public Library) in Celebration of 15 Years of Innovation, Service, and Research

    In 1995, it took 35 students 70 days to develop what would become the world’s largest and most recognized free, online collection and reference service in the world: the Internet Public Library. This month, 91,982 reference questions and 40,000 vetted, searchable electronic resource items later, the Internet Public Library celebrates its 15th anniversary.

    In conjunction with this event, The iSchool at Drexel will be hosting the Institute on the Future of Reference and its Impact on Library and Information Science Education March 15 -16, 2010. The institute is part of the IMLS grant Transforming the IPL into a Virtual Learning Laboratory. Faculty, students and staff from Drexel University , Florida State University, The University of Washington, The University of Illinois, The University of North Carolina, Syracuse University, and the Free Library of Philadelphia are among those participating in the institute.

    Additionally, two special open presentations have been planned in honor of this moment in the ipl2’s history. You can join the celebration as we reflect on the future of reference and its impact on the future of library and information science education. These presentations will be streamed live on video, with information also reported live on the ipl2 blog, Second Life, and Twitter. [Instructions below the agenda for accessing the conversation on our social networks.]

    ipl2 – Celebrating 15 years!

    Monday, March 15, 2010
    4:30 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. EST
    Mick Khoo: ipl2 Merger Surprises
    Joyce Valenza: Web 2.0 Reference on the Ground K-12
    Special Guest Speaker and IPL Founder Joe Janes: IPL to ipl2: The Past, Present and Future

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010
    12:30 p.m. – 2 p.m. EST
    Lorri Mon: Digital Media and ipl2
    Steven Bell: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Reference
    Special Guest Speaker David Lankes: What does the Future Hold for Reference Services?



    Click the hyperlinks below for their corresponding events.


    1. Click test link in advance of the ipl2 event(s), to ensure a trouble free experience.
    2. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

    For those who want to dial into the meeting using a phone-bridge:
    Phone: (201) 549-7592
    PIN: 04614686

    Live Streaming Technical Support: 866-350-4978


    ipl2 Institute on Florida State University’s iSpace FSU Virtual Campus [SL Contact Lorri Momiji]


    Hashtag: #foripl2

    Please R.S.V.P. if you will be attending the event by Friday, March 12th, electronically or in-person.

    IPL 15 Things #14: Awareness Tools is now available!

    IPL 15 Things #14: Awareness Tools is now available – learn about the different tools you can use to find, filter and recommend interesting content: http://ipl.ci.fsu.edu/community/wiki/index.php/Awareness_tools

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    The Link

    Here it is – the March 2010 issue of The Link: The Official Newsletter of ipl2.

    We will post a new issue each month.  You will find a link here or through The Link page of the blog.