New & Improved Newsletter!

Many loyal ipl2 followers have commented that they miss the old format of The Link with its trendy, timely topics, and authoritative and accurate website links. Well, here at The Link’s offices, we’ve heard you and we’re pleased to announce that beginning with our November issue, we are revising the format of The Link to more closely resemble the newsletter that so many readers enjoyed in the past.

Our team of library and information science students and professionals are committed to finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating high quality information resources that will benefit the general public and especially our readers, many of whom are professionals in library science and related fields.

The Link will continue to be published monthly, featuring resources relating to current events, issues, and information relevant to and reflective of our global society. In addition, new weekly blog postings will highlight the quality Internet resources of the ipl2 and notify our readers of new and updated resources in our collection.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback on the content of both the newsletter and blog, and on our new format.

Happy Searching!

The Link Staff @


2 Responses to “New & Improved Newsletter!”

  1. Muhabbet Says:

    thanks for shared very nice

  2. tugbaparladan Says:

    thanks for shared very nice

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