Food, Glorious Food!

Thanksgiving, the quintessential American meal, has come and gone.  With a big roasted turkey, lots of stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings, it’s a meal everyone in America looks forward to all year long. Jumping on the food theme, we here at the ipl2 newsletter thought it would be fun to showcase the ipl2’s ethnic food collection. All told, there are 21 different websites that can help you break out of your dinner rut and try foods that you might have otherwise never discovered. In this week’s blog entry we’ll examine a few of our favorite websites and invite you to explore the others.

New resources that will be added to the ipl2 are noted NEW! All other resources are already listed in the ipl2 collections.

Recipe Source: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
RecipeSource is an online recipe database project started in 1993 by Berkeley University which now holds over 70,000 recipes. The database is fully searchable by ingredient, type of dish (side, main) and ethnicity. In addition to food recipes, there are recipes for pet treats and hair and skin products, along with cooking hints and tips.

Hidden Korea
“A nourishing introduction to–or reminder of–the rich food and culture of an ancient society.” The companion website to a PBS television program of the same name.

The Congo Cookbook
A collection of recipes from all over the African continent, with with observations about African food and cooking. Recipes are grouped by region and by ingredients. Info about other African cookbooks also provided.

NEW! Pasta Recipes – Food Network
Tons of free pasta recipes from the chefs at Food Network.  Search the entire pasta collection or watch videos of chefs cooking pasta meals.  Comment and rate pasta recipes or save them to a free Food Network account for easy access.

For more information and resources for cooking different ethnic dishes check out the ethnic food section of the ipl2’s collection of online resources:

ipl2 — Resources by Subject — Entertainment and Leisure — Food — Ethnic

We hope that these websites help you spice up your recipe book and explore dishes from other cultures.


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