Sudan votes for independence

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This week the ipl2 blog will highlight current events in Sudan.

For seven days in January 2011, the people of southern Sudan voted on a referendum on independence from Sudan.  The vote was largely peaceful, and final results will be released within 30 days of the end of voting.  It is widely expected that the vote will be for independence and the creation of the world’s newest country.  Hopefully the process will proceed as peacefully as the voting did.  Here are select resources on this topic.

New resources that will be added to the ipl2 are noted NEW! All other resources are already listed in the ipl2 collections.

Here are 4 websites specifically on the referendum and its outcome:

NEW! Southern Sudan Referendum Commission
This is the official website of the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC), available in English and Arabic.  The SSRC organized the voting in north and south Sudan, and in eight countries worldwide with significant populations of southern Sudanese expatriates. The website details the formation and role of the SSRC, it’s members, goals and how the voting was conducted.

NEW! Southern Sudan 2011
Official referendum results posted by the SSRC.

NEW! Southern Sudan Referendum Commission Out of Country Registration and Voting
Contains information from the SSRC for southern Sudanese living outside of Sudan on eligibility, how to register to vote, where to vote, voting guide, FAQs, and the English text of the Referendum Act of 2009 which set the legal basis for the 2011 referendum.

NEW! South Sudan Referendum
Coverage of the voting, latest information, background on the referendum, and editorials.  From the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).

For current maps and satellite images visit:

NEW! The Satellite Sentinel Project
From the website: “The Satellite Sentinel Project — initiated by George Clooney — combines satellite imagery analysis and field reports with Google’s Map Maker technology to deter the resumption of war between North and South Sudan. The project provides an early warning system to deter mass atrocities by focusing world attention and generating rapid responses on human rights and human security concerns.”

These websites contain an overview of Sudan, articles, videos and current news:

The World Factbook: Sudan (Find it on ipl2:  Resources by Subject – Africa)
Facts, statistics, demographics, history, and a printable map of Sudan.  From “The World Factbook,” published annually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

NEW! Sudan
Country profile, current news, past articles, videos and editorials from the New York Times online edition.

For additional resources search on ipl2 for “Sudan”.

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The Link: A New Year, A New You

The start of a new year brings new possibilities and new beginnings.  Some may be looking to get their grades up in school after the long Christmas break.  Others may be itching to get creative and make something with those holiday photos and videos to share with friends and family.  Then there are the resolutions made every year to exercise, eat right, and get personal finances in order.  The ipl2’s January Newsletter is filled with how-to resources that will get you started on the right foot for this new year!

New resources that will be added to the ipl2 are noted NEW! All other resources are already listed in the ipl2 collections.

How to Succeed in School


Web directory. provides students with comprehensive advice for developing successful study habits. From organizing your time to stopping procrastination and developing good note taking skills, HowToStudy has all the tools you need. provides links to excellent resources submitted by other students and teachers that will help take your study skills to the next level.  Make this semester your best semester by picking up some helpful tips at

The Math Forum

Original math education content created in collaboration with students, teachers, and researchers. Contains interactive projects, homework help, and discussion areas.

A+ Research and Writing for High School and College Students
Ipl2 — For Teens — A+ Writing Research Paper Guide

Need to write a research paper?  Want to do an A+ job without going totally NUTS?  Here’s help!  This resource includes a table of contents, a step by step guide to researching and writing a paper, how to find information in cyberspace and in your library, and links to great online resources for researching and writing.

How to Share & Edit Your Photos and Videos

Photo Sharing


“Pixelpipe is a media gateway that allows users to publish text and upload photos, video and audio files once through Pixelpipe.” Uploaded content can be distributed to over 95 online destinations such as social networks, blogs and so on.


Aviary is a free online image-editing program. Upload images, edit them, create effects, do screen captures, and access four separate applications that open in your browser.


Animoto is able to turn pictures into music videos. By analyzing uploaded photos and music, Animoto automatically generates the video, pacing the photos to the beat of the music.

Video Sharing

NEW! synchtube

“synchtube allows you to instantly create public and private rooms where you can watch YouTube and Vimeo videos synchronzied with up to 50 people. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time!” Chat while you watch together.  YouTube and Vimeo playlists can also be imported for synchronized watching.

NEW! Pixorial

“Pixorial was created to liberate the world’s video – to empower people of all ages to share, create and connect with friends and family through video.”  Upload videos from almost any device to a secure server and organize them.  Decide who has access to your videos and post them to your social networking accounts or email them.  Edit your videos in your browser.

NEW! JayCut

“Ask yourself what would happen if anyone could edit video, anywhere, with any mobile device, using any media on the web and finally publish the result to any device or website.”  JayCut is a free online video editor that’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike.  Upload videos, photos, music, or record using your webcam to edit and make new videos all within your web browser.  Export your creations to YouTube easily.  Available in 10 languages.

How to Exercise & Eat Right

Shape Up America!

“Shape Up America! is focusing on redefining weight management by encouraging increased physical activity and healthy eating for all Americans.” You can find information on healthy weight management, including diet and exercise.

NEW! NHS Choices

The website for the National Health System (NHS) in the UK provides information on health topics ranging from health and fitness to health conditions, as well as health news, support and information for carers, and information on choosing health services in the UK.  Information comes in many forms, from articles to videos and podcasts.  Searchable.


ShopWell offers “easy-to-understand nutrition information and customized product scores” that you can personalize to meet your individual nutrition needs.

Teens Health

The site provides teens with comprehensive and up-to-date information on issues concerning puberty, mental health, sex, nutrition, and body image.  Although it defaults to information “For Teens,” this resource also provides information tabs “For Kids” and “For Parents.”  Available in Spanish.

How to Manage Your Personal Finances & Taxes

Practical Money Skills for Life

Designed for teachers, parents, students, and consumers, this site deals with all aspects of managing money, including spending plans, credit cards, and saving and investing. Features lessons for students at all grade levels, budget calculators for estimating savings and loan repayments, a banking tutor, and games that teach different aspects of money management. Some content available in Chinese and Spanish. From Visa.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Retirement

Collection of articles and columns on topics related to retirement savings, such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k) and pension plans, annuities, and retirement planning for children and young adults. Includes retirement calculators.

How Income Taxes Work

A history of the federal income tax and basic explanation of the tax process. Includes overviews of alternative tax ideas (flat tax and national sales tax) and links to related information.

Understanding Taxes

“The IRS has developed an interactive, instructional tax program … to provide high schools, community colleges, and the general public with a technology-based instructional tool.” It includes teacher and student sections, with teaching modules, lesson plans, simulations, tutorials, and an option to create a custom resource list allowing for later online access.