In the News: Protests in Egypt

Welcome to this week’s ipl2 Weekly Blog post.

This week’s post will highlight resources about the current protests in Egypt.

On January 25th, 2011, protests began in Egypt calling for the removal of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak from office. The past few days have seen a violent backlash from pro-Mubarak supporters, with several western journalists being violently assaulted and accused of instigating rebellion against the regime.

New resources that will be added to the ipl2 are noted NEW! All other resources are already listed in the ipl2 collections.

Resources about the protests:

NEW! Al Jazeera News – Spotlight on “Anger in Egypt”
The English language version of the website for Arab news channel Al Jazeera. Includes videos and print articles about the protests.

NEW! BBC News – Egypt Unrest
The latest BBC coverage of the events in Egypt. Features print articles, videos, and interactive maps.

NEW! Egypt News—The Protests
The New York Times aggregate page including all of their coverage on the situation in Egypt. Includes interactive maps, timelines, slideshow, print articles, and video coverage.

Resources with general information about Egypt:

BBC Country Profile (Find it on ipl2: Resources by Subject – Country Studies)
An overview of the country as presented by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company). Includes country facts, leadership information, and links to Egyptian media websites.

Egypt (find it on ipl2: Resources by Subject – Country Studies)
Maintained by the Columbia University Libraries, this is an aggregate of links about Egypt’s economy, education, history, foreign policy, politics, and online news.

NEW! The World Factbook – Egypt
Statistical information about the country’s geography, demographics, government, economy, transportation, and military. Includes maps and photographs of the country.

For more information about past and present Egypt, visit the ipl2 and search for “Egypt.”

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One Response to “In the News: Protests in Egypt”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I am so impressed with the men and women in the Kazeboon movement–they refuse to be silent, despite the growing violence. And with video evidence, I don’t think the military council can deny their part much longer.

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