In the News: Summer Movies

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer and students are beginning to get restless.  That can only mean one thing: summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and by extension, the summer movie season is about to begin.

From the sequel to 2009’s summer smash The Hangover, to the much-buzzed about adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller The Help, to perhaps one of the most anticipated films of all time, the 7th and final installment of the wildly popular Harry Potter franchise, the multiplexes are sure to serve up something for everyone this summer.

Movie Trailers (find it on the ipl2)
This browsable and searchable site presents movie trailers from over two dozen movie studios. Highlights trailers for current movies, and includes an archive of trailers listed by studio and genre. From Apple’s QuickTime site.

Yahoo! Movies (find it on the ipl2:Resources by subject—Entertainment and Leisure—Movies )
Information about new and upcoming releases, movie industry news, box office results, actor and actress links, and a searchable database of showtimes.  Be sure to check out Yahoo!’s Summer Movie Guide.

The Internet Movie Database (find it on the ipl2: Resources by subject—Entertainment and Leisure—Television)
This searchable, comprehensive movie database is your one-stop shop for information on individual films, actors, directors, composers, and genres. Also has a special section on Academy Award winners and nominees.

Rotten Tomatoes (find it on the ipl2)
With so many options to choose from, how do you know which films are worth spending your hard-earned cash on to see in a theater and which to wait for DVD release?  Rotten Tomatoes is a comprehensive movie review site which captures the consensus of professional critics from across the nation.

Movie Showtimes & Tickets (find it on the ipl2)
Now that you have decided what to see, make sure you don’t get shut out at the box office.  Find out when and where films are showing in your neighborhood and purchase tickets. Enter your ZIP code and browse by movie. Movie information includes reviews, trailers, photos, production notes, cast interviews, official websites, and more. From

Box Office – The Business of Movies (find it on the ipl2)
Summer movie box office receipts typically account for the lion’s share of studios’ profits each year.  Box Office lets you know which films came out top, which underperformed, and even offers projections of earnings for films yet to be released.

Thanks for your continued support of ipl2. We hope these resources help satisfy any questions you may have about the upcoming summer movie season. For more information, search ipl2 for Movies.

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  1. Hipotecas Prestamos Says:

    excellent post, there are some movies that are quite modest and others that are more of the same, I have wanted to see real steel

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