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Get a head start on the sports fever that is bound to sweep the globe as we get ever closer to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Brush up on Olympic history and facts. Learn about multiple games that all share the name “football.” Explore some major sports league sites dedicated to kids, or those who are kids at heart. Or, if your idea of exercise is lifting a good book, check out some sites to flex your mental muscles. This month’s selection of websites has something for everyone from athlete to couch potato!

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The Summer Olympics

Every four years, the world gathers as one to witness and celebrate the awe-inspiring athletic achievements of some of the world’s most talented athletes.  From July 27 to August 12, 2012 these athletes along with millions of spectators and journalists from around the globe will convene in London for the 30thSummer Olympic Games.

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (find it on ipl2) 
The official site of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London featuring news, a blog, and a directory of sports, venues, event dates, and brief descriptions of the individual sports

Olympic Medal Winners (find it on ipl2) 
Search for winners of Olympic medals, using variables such as gender, type of medal (gold, silver, bronze), nation, sport, year, and athlete’s name. From the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

NEW! Paralympic Games                       
Visit the official website of the Paralympic movement featuring news, a competition calendar and information on the history of the movement. The Paralympics is the largest sports competition for athletes with disabilities.                        

ipl2 Pathfinder: Olympic Games – History, Sports, and Controversy     
A resource guide providing numerous areas of study and interest concerning the Olympic Games. Here you will find information concerning topics such as the Beijing 2008 games, the history of the Olympics, Olympic sports, and various controversies that have surrounded the Olympic Games throughout history. Resources in a variety of formats, including Internet resources, online publications, audio and DVD resources, and print resources.

Unsportsman-like Behavior! 

Would you rather strain your brain than risk pulling a hamstring? Is the game on and you want to get lost . . . in a good book? Is your 4-legged friend itching to have some fun and games of his or her own? Here are ways to exercise your mind, your imagination and even your dog.

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)(find it on ipl2)
“MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.” It provides course materials (such as lecture notes, reading lists, and problem sets) for hundreds of MIT courses in dozens of academic disciplines, such as chemistry, engineering, physics, and urban planning. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
(find it on ipl2 – Arts and Humanities — Literature — Book Recommender Systems)
In the mood for a funny, beautiful, demanding, short book? Or maybe a sad, gentle, unusual, down-to-earth book? You select the qualities you want in your next book and Whichbook produces a list of titles to choose from, along with short reviews. Try it! (find it on ipl2)
Directory of parks and other places in the United States and Canada where dogs can roam off-leash. Also includes some advice on choosing and caring for your favorite canine.

They Call It Football  

Depending on where you live, the football game you love to play or watch can look very different than that of someone in another part of the world. For most people worldwide, football means the game Americans insist on calling soccer. Americans have their own version of football, as do the Australians. Here are some resources where you can explore the rules and traditions of several of the major football variations.

Federation Internationale de Football Association (find it on the ipl2: For Teens
National soccer associations. It is responsible for setting the rules of the game, organizing international competitions such as the World Cup, and settling disputes between member associations. Its website contains the full “Laws of the Game”, technical information for coaches and players, regulations and advice for referees, and news and results from FIFA-sanctioned competitions.

National Football League (find it on the ipl2:  Resources by subject—Entertainment and Leisure—Sports—Football(American) and Rugby)
Official site of the National Football League. It delivers in-depth team pages for all clubs, game-day coverage with real time statistics and play-by-play details.

Rugby Football Union (find it on the ipl2: Resources by subject—Entertainment and Leisure—Sports—Football(American) and Rugby)
The official web site of England’s Rugby Football Union, the governing body for Rugby Union in the country. Contains information on Rugby clubs, history, the laws of the game and international competition.

AFL: Arena Football League (find it on the ipl2)
News, official rules, statistics, standings, player and team information, game and broadcast schedules, and more about the league and the indoor version of American-style football. Includes a link to the AFL’s Triple A league, AF2 (Arena Football 2) Web site.

NEW! Australian Football League                   
Official website of the Australian Football League. Learn about the history of Australian football, the laws of the game and follow the latest league news and standings. Includes links to official team websites.

Sports for Kids! 

Whether you are a diehard sports fan or just a kid interested in having fun, you will enjoy these sites sponsored by some of the major North American sports leagues.

Play Football: The Official NFL Site for Kids (find it on the ipl2: For Kids
Touchdown! If you love this word you will love the National Football League site, NFL Rush.  This site has games, graphics, contests, interviews, scores, statistics and news just for kids. Vote on weekly MVPs and Plays of the Week, learn about players and coaches. Also, find out about game strategy and positions.

NEW! NBA Hoop Troop
He shoots, he scores!  If you are a basketball fan or just curious about the game you should definitely checkout the National Basketball Association site for kids, NBA Hoop Troop.  Check out the great graphics, game highlights, online games, statistics and even share your opinions about favorite players, games or plays. for Kids (find it on the ipl2: For Kids)
Professional hockey’s National Hockey League put together this site for kids. It has lots of stuff about pro hockey including interviews with professional hockey players. It also has a section with ways to improve your game.

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