In the News: Space Shuttles on Final Approach

As the space shuttles make their final flights to museums on both coasts of the United States, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) closes an important chapter in human space flight. Throughout the 30-year history of the program there have been incredible achievements and devastating setbacks.

Space Shuttle Mission Information (find it on the ipl2)

NASA’s official Space Shuttle site is loaded with information about the Space Shuttle and other programs. This resource includes links to images, videos, and official mission reports.

History of the Space Shuttle in Images (find it on the ipl2)

This site provides a look back at the history of the Space Shuttle program through more than 60 photographs going back to 1972.

Space Shuttle Launches (find it on the ipl2)

This site provides links to details about every shuttle mission. Information includes crew, milestones, mission objectives, launches, landings, and mission highlights.

How the Space Shuttle Works (find it on the ipl2)

This site provides diagrams, images, and videos explaining how many systems on the space shuttle function.

New Homes for Retired Space Shuttles (find it on the ipl2)

NASA has announced the locations where the retired shuttle fleet will be housed. Other parts and equipment from the program will be sent to a number of museums as well.

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