The Link: Olympic Glory ~ Ancient, Past and Present

How does your knowledge of the Olympics rate – gold, silver, bronze, or not even qualified to compete? As Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” So, team up with the ipl2 and review The Link to discover when the games began (776 BCE), Olympic trivia, and the five sports in every Summer Olympics since 1896.

New resources that will be added to the ipl2 are noted NEW! All other resources can already be found in the ipl2 collection.

Olympic Glory: Ancient

As with any competitive sport, you must first learn the fundamentals and there is no better place to start than with Ancient Greece. Travel from Olympia to Nemea to Athens. Read a first person account of competing in the Ancient Greek Olympics. Root for a team from Sparta, Athens, Corinth, Argos or Megara.

The Ancient Olympics (find it on the ipl2)

This site uses information from the Perseus Project, a digital library on Ancient Greece to exhibit information about the Ancient Olympics. It includes comparisons between ancient and modern sports, ancient artwork with themes relevant to the games and FAQ questions about the Ancient Olympics. The site is run by the classics department of Tufts University.

Olympics Through Time (find it on the ipl2)

This site gives a detailed description of the Olympics from Ancient Olympia to Athens of 1896. It also gives detailed lists of Olympic winners. It offers games, 3D renderings of Ancient sites, a first person account of the Olympics, and a bibliography.

Archaeology’s Ancient Olympics Guide (find it on the ipl2)

Run by the Archaeological Institute of America this site covers the ancient games at Olympia and Nemea. Interesting facts such as why the Greeks competed, what signals were used to start footraces, and a dispelling of myths about Olympic traditions can be found on this site. This site is geared to adults.

NEW! FOR KIDS–Ancient Greek Olympics
A fun site geared towards kids. It talks about the different city-states involved in the original Olympic Games. It has links to the British Museum, the BBC, and Tufts University’s Perseus Project. There are also links to learn about Ancient Greece.

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games (find it on the ipl2)

How did the ancient Olympics stack up against the modern games? Were they less political, less commercial, and less sexist? Find out at this comprehensive resource about the ancient Olympic Games. This site includes a glossary.

Olympic Glory: Past–Symbols, Traditions, and Trivia

Now that you know the basics, can you handle the details? Be prepared to train with the mental elite as you and the ipl2 master fun Olympic facts.

NEW! FOR KIDS–Olympics Fun Facts

This list of Olympic facts is a great start to learning some of the history and meaning behind the Olympic Games. These fun facts will add volumes to your Olympic knowledge.

NEW! Olympics and Paralympics Games Symbols and Mascots

Immediately after the Olympic Games finish, the Paralympics begin. The Paralympics is an international sporting competition for athletes with disabilities. This site details the similarities between the Olympics and the Paralympics, including information about the symbols, mascots, and more. GetSet is a resource for everything Olympics and Paralympics for K-12 educators.

NEW! Modern Olympic Symbols and Traditions

Olympic venues come and go but some traditions of the games remain the same. This site provides an overview of lasting Olympic symbols and ceremonial activities.

NEW! The Olympic Flag

An Olympic symposium to the Athens games compiled this excellent source of the history of the Olympic Games. The Olympic flag’s meaning and symbolism is explained in detail.

Interesting Olympic Facts (find it on the ipl2)

A collection of brief facts about the Olympic Games. Topics covered include the opening ceremonies, Olympic symbols, canceled games, and counting Olympiads. An site.

The Olympic Movement (find it on the ipl2)

The site for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) contains news, profiles of past and future games, biographies of Olympic athletes, and statistics. Use the linked tabs to find a wealth of facts and trivia, as well as in-depth information.

Olympic Glory: Present–Champions of the Summer Games

In 1896, the Olympic Games were revived and competitions were held in nine sports. Since that time, a variety of summer sports have been added and dropped. Only five have stood the test of time. Explore the five sports below to see if you can handle the competition and prevail in the ultimate race to glory.

Bicycling (find it on the ipl2),6608,,00.html?location=_*topnav*

Bicycling covers every facet of cycling with coverage of techniques and trends, expert reviews of the latest equipment, touring and racing reports, practical advice on equipment and repairs, and training and fitness tips.

Fencing (find it on ipl2)

This site provides an overview of different forms and techniques of fencing. It reviews types of equipment, gives a history of the sport, and lists Olympic participants. The site also provides a discussion of the differences between modern and classical fencing, offers training tips, and includes an FAQ page.

International Gymnast Magazine Online (find it on the ipl2)

International Gymnast Magazine gives the latest news about competitive gymnastics.

Swimming World Magazine: The World’s Leading Independent Resource for Swimming (find it on the ipl2)

This site has articles posted from each of the three magazines run by Sports Publications International, Inc.: Swimming World, SWIM, and Swim Technique. In addition to these articles, there are also links to information about swim workouts, results, and technique.

Runner’s World (find it on the ipl2)

Web version of the popular running magazine geared towards both competitive runners and those who run for fitness or to lose weight. Contains current cover stories and columns plus an archive back to 1996.

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