Elections and more

We have heard a great deal leading up to the general election, which occurred on November 6, 2012.  People went to the polls to elect a president, vice president and other government representatives.  Additionally, various state and local officials were on the ballot.   Here are some facts about elections in the United States.

2012 Presidential Election (Find it at ipl2.org)

You can find information at this site about the breakdown of results by state, as well as information about the Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, and Ballot Measures results. Politico is an online news source.

The Democratic Party (find at ipl2.org)

This webpage relates the history of the Democratic Party which started about 200 years ago. It highlights milestones of the party from The 19th Amendment; Women’s Suffrage (1920); the establishment of Social Security during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration (1935); the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Bill Clinton’s balancing the budget (1990s). It is hosted by the Democratic National Committee.

The Republican Party (find at ipl2.org)

This webpage relates the history of the Republican Party which started with those people who were opposed to slavery in the early 1850’s. It became a national party in 1856 and then helped elect Abraham Lincoln in 1860. This election established it as a major political party. Milestones of the party include passage of the 13th (outlawed slavery), 14th (guaranteed equal protection under the laws), and 15th Amendments which helped secure voting rights for African-Americans.  It is hosted by the Republican National Committee.

Other Political Parties (find it at ipl2.org)

Since Washington was elected in 1789, political parties have changed, grown and disappeared during our country’s history. This website gives a timeline of the development of the Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as other parties that were supported by presidential candidates during past elections. Other questions are posted with links to information on this website hosted by EdGate.com which is associated with USA Today.

The Electoral College (find at ipl2.org)

This website discusses the aspects of the Electoral College and why we have it. Did you know that for this year’s election, the electoral vote will certify the election of the President and Vice President on January 6, 2013? The answer to this question and many others are found on this website hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The Elephant and the Donkey

These two animals have long represented the Democratic and Republican Parties, so why do we have these animals representing their respective political party? This webpage, hosted by the White House, discusses the reason, the political cartoonist who perpetuated the use of these icons, and gives other resources for students and adults to further the discussion about this topic.

The Polls

Did you pay attention to the polls during the months leading up to the November General Election? How did we get these polls in the first place? You might be surprised at how long ago people began using polls to determine public opinion.  Find out more about polls at this website hosted by the Public Broadcasting System.


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