In the News: All About “The Hunger Games”

Both the trilogy and the movie adaptation of the first book in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins have become smash hits not just in the United States, but across the world.  This series, which has captured the attention of both youth and adults, has been making waves for its symbolism and depiction of an incredibly dystopian future.  The following resources will prove highly useful for anyone interested in learning more about this provocative series.

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins on (find it on the ipl2)

This page, maintained by Suzanne Collins’ publisher, offers a wide variety of informative content.  Videos and interviews with the author are provided, along with synopses of the books and downloadable content.  Those new to the series have the opportunity to preview the first several chapters of the novels and can watch a trailer for the new movie.

The Hunger Games Discussion Guide (find it on the ipl2)

Informative and thought-provoking, this book guide is excellent for promoting insights and assisting readers of the series in understanding more of the nuances that can be found in the trilogy.  Whether the book guide is for a single reader or a group, the summaries of the novels and the discussion questions will be stimulating for all.

The Politics of ‘The Hunger Games’  (find it on the ipl2)

Paul Bond’s article discusses the political side of the trilogy and the movie adaptation, which have been making wide ripples in the world of government.  The article provides multiple views of the political messages that can be found in the books and movie, which allows the reader to see how the work has impacted the country in a fashion much larger than domestic box office figures.

NEW! The Hunger Games Film Website

This website will be highly useful for those who are interested in the film adaptation of Collins’ novels.  It provides links to the film’s social pages to make it easy for fans to connect and get up-to-date news on what is happening with the trilogy, along with links to news and articles on the film, which include discussions on the merits of the novel versus the movie and the female role model that Katniss has become, and even examples of how the series has had an impact on the world of fashion (“Capitol Couture”).

The Hunger Games IMDB (find it on the ipl2)

IMDB provides a fantastic array of information about the movie version of the first book in the trilogy.  Photos, trailers, trivia, cast information, and reviews can be found on this site, along with other facts about the film and links to over 8,000 news articles.

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